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5 Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space for Summer 


Summer is finally upon us and we are more than ready to bust out the grill, call the neighbors and have a good old-fashioned cookout! If you're also in the summer mood and ready to have friends over after a long spring stuck inside, dust off those lawn chairs and check out these simple ways to rejuvenate your outdoor space for summer. 


 1. Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space with Color 

Adding some color to your outdoor living space is one of the easiest ways to make it feel new again! Freshen your seating area with some new throw pillows, or simply recover the old ones for an updated look at a low cost. If you have a patio or deck, consider adding an outdoor rug that offers a burst of color and complements your current furniture or décor. Rugs are a simple way to make the space feel a little more inviting and pull the whole seating area together. If DIY is more your style, don't be afraid to update your outdoor space with some bright paint! Furniture, planters, or even the deck or patio are all great options for paint projects 



 2. Mulch and Weed Flower Beds

Refresh your flower beds and gardens by removing weeds and adding new mulch. Weeding not only makes your flower beds look nicer but will keep your plants happy, allowing them to grow taller and faster. Once you've pulled up those pesky weeds, add fresh mulch on top of your garden spaces. Your garden will look revived and your plants will thank you! Mulch provides a barrier to weeds as well as retains moisture, regulates temperature and adds nutrients to the soil, meaning your garden will be looking better as a result.



 3. Add Outdoor Lighting to Keep the Party Going From Day to Night

Frequently overlooked in outdoor living spaces, lighting can make a dramatic difference in the mood of your deck, patio or backyard. Looking for a low-cost, high-reward update? Consider hanging outdoor string lights for an instant, magical feel. If you're searching for something more modern, LED table or floor lamps are a great choice with endless options to fit the style and feel of your outdoor space. For lighting a path or walkwaylook at adding torches to guide visitorsDesigns for outdoor torches can range from the classic tiki torch to the ultra-modern.  



4. Pressure Wash Outdoor Living Spaces for a Clean, Refreshed Feel

If your outdoor living space includes a patio or deck, a pressure wash can bring life back into it after a long winter. Whether your patio is made of brick, concrete, pavers or even wood, it can benefit from a strong power wash to remove built up grime and debris. Power washing is also an option if you have a deck, just be sure to take note of your deck's material and set the washer to the appropriate setting so as not to damage it. If you don't own a pressure washer don't fear – you can rent them from your local home improvement store. 



5. Bring Life into Your Space with Planters and Container Gardens

Don't have the space (or patience) for in-ground gardens? Try using planters in your outdoor space to add greenery without the hassle of maintaining a garden. Using containers will keep invasive species from taking over your plants, as well as preserve the natural landscape of your yard. Planters also allow you to control where your plants are placed and can fit your decor with forms that complement every design style. Adding plants to your patio, deck or backyard will revive it from the darkness of winter and breathe literal life into your outdoor living space. 

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